Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gifts From The Universe

Often times when life gets going too fast, I find that sitting outside and looking up at the trees and sky is so helpful. It reminds me of how small I am in the Universe, yet how important, as we all are, on the imprint of time. We leave our mark in some way on the world with our abilities, no matter what they might be. Different art forms in music, fire spinning, painting, teaching, listening... these we all contribute to each other while allowing ourselves to open our hearts and our gifts with ourselves.

Listening to the rain drops change the rate that they are falling, and the sound they make as they come in contact with the leaves and the ground is so calming. It brings a bit of the drumming we do when gathered at fire circles together to mind. It encourages me to pick up a djembe and rock out with the symphony nature is creating and inviting me to participate in. It reminds me to listen to the world around me, as I often may forget to do when the every day routine gets a bit too much to bear.

I had a moment a week ago when the afternoon sun was so warm and the sky was free of clouds, to get outside and just be in the moment. So I did. I sat down on the grass, kicked off my shoes, tilted my chin up towards the sky and closed my eyes. I heard the birds chirping when I hadn't noticed them before. I heard the water from the grass hissing slightly as the sun was evaporating it. I heard my breathing become slower and steadier and at that moment I realized that I was relaxing. Mother Nature sure knows her stuff!

So when you find yourself in those moments where you don't know what else to do with what you are feeling, find a nice comfy spot outside. Close your eyes, relax, and begin to receive your gifts from the Universe.

love and light,

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