Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hello all,

Just back from Rites of Spring. For those of you who are newer to SFF, our fire circle is deeply rooted in the fire at Rites (which, in fact, is arguably the root of most fire circle events now running). What a sweet week.

The best part of the circles for me, which were all pretty mellow and a bit smaller, was the chanting. Rich harmonies. A diversity of songs with no jingles, no pop or theater pieces - but plenty of mantras, affirmations, chants, and some new ones that I hadn't heard before. While sometimes the songs would start up and not quite get going, many of them went strong for a loooong time.

Things I noticed about this - first, the drummers gave a lot of time/space for chanting before they started to play and then when they did play, it was with great care not to overpower those in the circle. True music-making!

Such a simple road to beauty. We win!

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