Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hello all,

Just back from Rites of Spring. For those of you who are newer to SFF, our fire circle is deeply rooted in the fire at Rites (which, in fact, is arguably the root of most fire circle events now running). What a sweet week.

The best part of the circles for me, which were all pretty mellow and a bit smaller, was the chanting. Rich harmonies. A diversity of songs with no jingles, no pop or theater pieces - but plenty of mantras, affirmations, chants, and some new ones that I hadn't heard before. While sometimes the songs would start up and not quite get going, many of them went strong for a loooong time.

Things I noticed about this - first, the drummers gave a lot of time/space for chanting before they started to play and then when they did play, it was with great care not to overpower those in the circle. True music-making!

Such a simple road to beauty. We win!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A favor, if you would...

Hello all,

Well before we head off to Rites, I figured I'd write in and say hello! I hope your spring is beautiful and getting warmer.

Registrations are going great for SpiritFire, and there are many unexpected surprises with folks deciding to come this year - wow. It makes me so grateful!

I am writing to share an experience or two from last year, when I had a couple of unfortunately sad but necessary issues at the beginning of the event, and I'd like to ask your help in making sure we don't have to repeat the scenario. Basically, folks become more and more open and ready for fire circles and family as the summer progresses, and often don't find out about an event until very close to it's start. Last year I had some very wonderful people contact me either directly or on behalf of friends who decided they wanted to go - but registration was closed, and I'd already sent head and meal counts to our gracious hosts. It was unfortunately not possible to "squeeze them in" at that point.

On Wednesday after closing circle, I was also approached by a beautiful soul who had been invited to come along to the event by another registered person, who assumed their friend would be able to register on site. It broke my heart, because despite the person's long journey and transportation issues that arose, I wasn't able to accommodate them. Telling them this was a very hard thing to do, but no other ethical option was available. I hope this person finds their way to us this year in time!

My request to all of you is this - if you know of folks who might want to come, let them know about SpiritFire earlier on, and encourage them to register earlier too! Once registration closes, we cannot add more participants. Please do not invite them to just show up on site, or encourage them to write after registration has closed. It causes us much heartache to turn folks away, when some pre-planning could have created a different outcome.

Our final, last minute, absolutely solid deadline is July 25th. From July 16 - 25 we can accept ONLINE registrations only, and will not receive mailed applications in time to add them. If folk aren't sure about their plans, please do direct them to our website -- http://spiritfirefestival.org -- and again, encourage them to register early so they can be a part of the bliss!

Thanks for your support and help spreading the word and helping folks find us in time - see you very soon!

Love, Josselyne

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Distance?

We are having a strangely beautiful and transformative weekend. The magic began with a gig on Friday night. Everyone in the band was connected - to each other, to the audience, and to the music. It was both effortless and powerful, and it seemed everyone was reflecting that back to us. Connection.

Several of our beloved friends joined us at our home after the show where the music continued. There we performed our latest favorite by Tina Malia, a song called "Heal This Land." The energy of the song filled the room. Our beloveds became a part of the song and together we experienced the song playing us. We were connected.

Lillith Avalon's call from Vegas this morning thrust us deep into the vortex of this phenomenon. She had just left Mayfire and was crackling with raw, naked energy. After relating her powerful and transformative weekend to us over speaker phone, Lillith announced that she was sending her extraordinary energy to us. Here's where things got a bit strange. Somewhere between Lillith's breath and the silence that followed the trees began to bend with a sudden breeze, and a Baltimore oriole began to sing very loudly close to the deck where we sat...then another chimed in, and then another. They were singing to us! In that moment, those of us on the receiving end of Lillith's transmission became fully aware of our connection - not only to Lillith, but to the land, to the sky, to the world, to the universe. The distance between us melted. We wouldn't have been any closer if she were sitting with us on the deck.

Deep in our hearts we know we are all always connected. But the magic becomes engaged upon the awareness of that connection. Those of us who were present when Lillith breathed her fire magic from Nevada to Massachussets received a transformative reminder that we truly do live in a realm of unlimited possibilities. Worlds open when we open, when we recognize our connection.

So, where exactly lies the distance between us?

Lisa and Brett

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gifts From The Universe

Often times when life gets going too fast, I find that sitting outside and looking up at the trees and sky is so helpful. It reminds me of how small I am in the Universe, yet how important, as we all are, on the imprint of time. We leave our mark in some way on the world with our abilities, no matter what they might be. Different art forms in music, fire spinning, painting, teaching, listening... these we all contribute to each other while allowing ourselves to open our hearts and our gifts with ourselves.

Listening to the rain drops change the rate that they are falling, and the sound they make as they come in contact with the leaves and the ground is so calming. It brings a bit of the drumming we do when gathered at fire circles together to mind. It encourages me to pick up a djembe and rock out with the symphony nature is creating and inviting me to participate in. It reminds me to listen to the world around me, as I often may forget to do when the every day routine gets a bit too much to bear.

I had a moment a week ago when the afternoon sun was so warm and the sky was free of clouds, to get outside and just be in the moment. So I did. I sat down on the grass, kicked off my shoes, tilted my chin up towards the sky and closed my eyes. I heard the birds chirping when I hadn't noticed them before. I heard the water from the grass hissing slightly as the sun was evaporating it. I heard my breathing become slower and steadier and at that moment I realized that I was relaxing. Mother Nature sure knows her stuff!

So when you find yourself in those moments where you don't know what else to do with what you are feeling, find a nice comfy spot outside. Close your eyes, relax, and begin to receive your gifts from the Universe.

love and light,