Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Distance?

We are having a strangely beautiful and transformative weekend. The magic began with a gig on Friday night. Everyone in the band was connected - to each other, to the audience, and to the music. It was both effortless and powerful, and it seemed everyone was reflecting that back to us. Connection.

Several of our beloved friends joined us at our home after the show where the music continued. There we performed our latest favorite by Tina Malia, a song called "Heal This Land." The energy of the song filled the room. Our beloveds became a part of the song and together we experienced the song playing us. We were connected.

Lillith Avalon's call from Vegas this morning thrust us deep into the vortex of this phenomenon. She had just left Mayfire and was crackling with raw, naked energy. After relating her powerful and transformative weekend to us over speaker phone, Lillith announced that she was sending her extraordinary energy to us. Here's where things got a bit strange. Somewhere between Lillith's breath and the silence that followed the trees began to bend with a sudden breeze, and a Baltimore oriole began to sing very loudly close to the deck where we sat...then another chimed in, and then another. They were singing to us! In that moment, those of us on the receiving end of Lillith's transmission became fully aware of our connection - not only to Lillith, but to the land, to the sky, to the world, to the universe. The distance between us melted. We wouldn't have been any closer if she were sitting with us on the deck.

Deep in our hearts we know we are all always connected. But the magic becomes engaged upon the awareness of that connection. Those of us who were present when Lillith breathed her fire magic from Nevada to Massachussets received a transformative reminder that we truly do live in a realm of unlimited possibilities. Worlds open when we open, when we recognize our connection.

So, where exactly lies the distance between us?

Lisa and Brett

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Lillith said...

Bless you and thank you for writing about that incredible moment.

There is more, so much more... ever unfolding.