Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where in the World is the SpiritFire T-shirt?

So SpiritFire 2009 is over. That can only mean one thing … SpiritFire 2010 is on the way. But what to do until next summer to help remind ourselves that all the magic we felt was real? How to stay connected? Well, there’s lots of ways: study a pathway, stay in touch with the people you met, deepen your spiritual practice in whatever form Spirit calls to you, and … what for it … wait for it …

Play “Where in the World is the SpiritFire T-shirt?”

(Sung to the tune of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”)

Yes. You guessed it. Where in the world is the SpiritFire T-shirt. Over this coming year, take a picture of yourself in your SpiritFire T-shirt in some really interesting location. A foreign country. A national park. Hang gliding. Volunteering in your local community. For example, here’s a picture of me in my SpiritFire T-shirt just a few weeks ago in Salzburg, Austria.

Send your photos to the list labeled with your name and location. Where in the world will all the members of the SpiritFire community travel in the next 12 months? What are all the interesting things we’ll do? How many lives and places will the SpiritFire community touch? Let's find out.

I’ll do something interesting with all the pictures for the next festival. What will that be, you ask? Well, we’ll just have to see how many pictures come in and how good they are, now won’t we. The first part is up to you. Until then ... get out there, and keep the magic alive!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Soul Expression 2009

At SpiritFire this year, we held a poetry jam on Friday night. From my perspective, it was WILDLY successful. People brought it in big time: laughter, tears, passion, pain. Original work, Robert Frost, Leonard Cohen, the back of a sugared ginger box ... and so much more.

Poetry speaks to us in deep ways. It says what we've always meant to say but didn't quite know how to articulate. It reveals connections between us and others that we may have kept hidden. It takes off our rose-colored glasses. It shines light into dark corners. It shows us that the darkness has wisdom to offer.

Speaking only for myself ... and knowing that I am saying this LONG before we've done any planning for SpiritFire 2010 ... I think it's safe to say that Soul Expression will be back next year.

So here are some questions ...

What about the circle (set up, guidelines, timing) worked and shouldn't be changed?

What should be done to improve the experience?

How can we keep the magic of the circle alive through the rest of the year?

Comments are welcome. This IS a blog, afterall!