Thursday, April 23, 2009



Today was a really, really, really long (and satisfying/productive) day, starting with an early 2 hour drive to play for a dance class and then an hour to work... then 2 classes, a rehearsal, and an hour drive home. I'm wiped.

I drive home and forget that I need food and drink; instead of going straight into town, I am on automatic and head over off the main road to the route that takes me home, which is currently much longer than usual due to a broken bridge. "Dang it," I thought, I just want food and rest!

So I drive the long way into town.

I stopped at Ramunto's Pizza, my favorite place in town, and step out of the car. On the way in the owner is also walking in the door. "Hello there," he says - "how are you doing? Done for the day? Did you have a good day?" I answered yes, and said how happy I was not to cook because it had been a rather brutal day as far as energy was concerned.

"Well I tell ya what. How many folks you feeding tonight?"

"Just myself," I said.

"Tell ya what. Please have three slices on me - anything you want."




"Are you serious?" I said? "Yep!" he replied, and we talked a bit about music and such while the folks got my slices ready. Thanking him, I went home, bemused at being hit by a RANDOM act of kindness. You know what? It feels great being on that side of the fence!

So here's my dare.

Commit a random act of kindness to a stranger this week. And then leave a comment here to tell your story! What did you do? What was the result? How did it feel?

Or if you've been a recipient, your story would be great!



Ahriana said...

This weekend Mark and I were speaking for a group of Environmental Educators in Colorado. The organization is struggling for money and has a matching grant in the works. We were to receive $100 for our participation and when they offered the check, we asked them to use it for the grant. Cool to watch 100 become 200 in the blink of an eye! It felt good to support good work.

Ruth said...

This experience wasn't recent, but I think it fits here... years ago when I was in college I used to work at Wendy's. About once a week a homeless gentleman used to come in and order off our dollar menu. He had a dog that was always with him and would wait outside the restaurant for him. Being the dog lover that I am, I couldn't resist feeding this dog burgers, fries and whatever else was availble through the drive through window. I didn't think much of it at the time, was just having fun with the dog, and eventually graduated college and got a "real" job :) About 5 or 6 years later I was in a grocery store buying a soda when this man approached me and asked if he could buy it for me. Turns out it was this same homeless person, who in the interim years had gotten his life back on track, cleaned himself up and I completely didn't recognize him. He remembered me, and said that he remembered how nice I was to his dog, and wanted to say thank you by getting me my soda.. I was totally floored that he even remembered! But I have to say that put me in a great mood all day, and I still remember it even though that happened almost 15 years I guess it shows that we sometimes dont even realize how our actions, as insignificant as they may seem to us, can affect others..

SarahFae said...

I love random acts of kindness! How beautiful for this to happen Joss. :) SarahFae