Friday, May 28, 2010

Festival Season

What is it about May through October that makes me so happy? Festival season! I can hear the familiar drum beats and chants surfacing, and find myself tapping them out on the desk, a wall, a car steering wheel or a keyboard. I start singing the chants throughout my daily activities, quietly at first, and louder as I am packing my garb and tenting supplies.

The air changes from cool winds to warm breezes, and the sun stays out longer and longer each day. The amount of clothing becomes increasingly less, and I start wearing face paint as I am doing my regular dane activities. Who doesn't want to wear swirls of flowy fabric and swig some cider out of a tankard during this time of year?

The fire pit in my yard is lit on a more regular basis and my djembe is brought outside playing to the beat within my heart and soul. I give thanks for each of the things of nature I see - blooming flowers, trees at the greenest, birds greeting the day with their sweet, sweet songs, the sun sets of pinks and oranges and purples...

The count down until July when SpiritFire will be here is bitter sweet - I don't wish to rush through the Spring and Summer days, but oh do I long to see my Tribe. The warm hugs, the beautiful smiles, the bliss that resides in the mountains, and the sacred container shared by the Sufi, and loved and fed by us all.

Looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces, and returning HOME.
Namaste Beloveds, Namaste.

Love and Light,

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Jeanette said...

Absolutely! Can't wait to see you!