Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scholarship Applications are due April 1st!

Just a reminder - if you know of folks that would like to come but might need a
bit of help financially, or you might be in that position yourself, please be
aware that the absolute deadline for scholarship applications is April 1st. You
can download the form from the website:

100% of the scholarship funding comes from community-contributed donations and
the fundraisers we do each year (the raffle, etc.) at the gathering. We can
only give out as many scholarships as we have funds for, which of course depends
on how many people apply and how much is donated.

If you can spare a bit of extra when you register, or can send in a little
separately, you can also find out how to do that on the scholarship page - the
folks who are able to come because of your generosity will be ver grateful!

Thank you in advance... and looking forward to being around the fire again with
all of you.


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