Monday, July 20, 2009

New Moon and Solar Eclipse Ritual - 07-21-09

It's a very real, very scientific, astrological and tangible experience we can all see and feel. The New Moon combined with a Solar Eclipse! Some of the best magick can be worked in the time of the New Moon leading up to the Full Moon, when the energy surrounding us is growing in the positive.

So what can we do to celebrate this magickal moment in time? The answer lies withing you. Do the spiritual work yourself, because it is as indivually sacred as unique for you as you are. Spiritual work is not something you can achieve by reading a ritual laid out for you to follow and get the same results as anyone else.

What is it that you want to achieve at this time? Is there something you want to see come to fruition that is deeply important and special to you? Is there something you have been meaning to let go of and embrace the new as you watch two heavenly bodies align as one?

By thinking on these things, or saying these things aloud as you stand or sit under the blanket of stars in the Summer night's sky, hold these feelings close to your heart, and lend your energy to it. Picture those dreams or ideas becoming real. Feel the energy within every fiber of your being, and give that energy out to the Universe. Request gently for the Universe to hear your call.

Eclipses tend to bring big changes. You can see that throughout history how often eclipses have been considered omens and the events that have been linked to eclipses, whether they happened as a result of a natural build-up of forces or people used the eclipse energy to force the event. Astrologically, they tend to have the regenerative effect of Pluto conjunct a House or Planet, sometimes decimating what was there before to remove it from your life and moving you forward to rebirth that area of your life.

Think of a massive light focused through a lens and burning across an area of your life–it will either sear it or illuminate it. Use the time of the eclipse to guide you as to how long your personal ritual will be. Sometimes starting at the beginning of the eclipse, and moving with the enrgy through the duration until its completion helps you achieve the best results.

Whatever you choose to do, whatever you want to achieve, or however big the life change you envision, it is all yours to decide how you lend your energy to it. Many blessings to you, and as always, love and light.


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