Thursday, March 26, 2009

Magick Is Real

I remember reading something a long while ago that said, you shouldn't invest so much energy into objects or things because the magic comes from within you. Don't depend on that lucky penny or piece of jewelry as the strongest talisman you can have comes from your own soul. That always stuck with me because I don't have one special piece of jewelry that I wear consistently apart from my wedding band, I usually mix it up. However, something can be said to speak for the total opposite and here's what I find fascinating.

Every religion has a symbol or symbols representing something we can all look to whatever our faith may be, and find comfort or solace in that object. For some it is an actual place of worship, for others it might be ornamental things we display in our yard or lawn, while for others it might be a piece of jewelry, a stone, a memento someone gave us, that object we found on the ground shortly after something miraculous happened to us so forever after we carry it with us. Whatever it might be, it hits home for us in a special way that reminds us of the path we are on together and individually.

As I pondered this I realized that even though I might mix up the actual objects I carry or wear, that there are things that I carry with me always, especially when traveling. You can take the term "traveling" any which way you choose here. The point is, there are special items that I find that comfort or have healing energy within them. It's a tough feeling to describe so I can shortly sum it up by saying, the actual item resonates in my hand from the energy I give it or receive from it when holding it or wearing it.

Even when I am done wearing or carrying it, and place whatever it is back in its special case or pouch or on the mantel, wherever its usual "home" is when I am not using it, that energy stay nestled within it. Part of that is the energy that I am reminded of when I pick it up once again. In this way I am creating a harmony within myself, and creating a special magic that flows from it to me and back again. So much do I believe in this type of energy work, that I offer this short story to you.

My daughter went around the fire with me when she was still in my womb. She felt the energy of the drumming from everyone in the circle as the beats of the drums vibrated off of my body. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I wore the same talisman of the Goddess which I only took off once she had been born and we brought her home, where it has quietly and lovingly hung above her crib since. The only time it is not there, is when I travel with her. I say my prayer to her and to this talisman every night, as that energy I carried then, still watches over her now while she sleeps.

Also during my pregnancy, I wore my prayer beads that my beloved sister and friend had given me out love and friendship. When I do not wear them they are in their special resting place. These prayer beads have been to several gatherings with me, where they have been around fire, where they have been lovingly touched knowingly or unknowingly by so many of you. That energy that I carry from these events and from all of you still resonates to and from these prayer beads. Recently when I took my Djembe out of its protective bag, my daughter became instantly fixated on the prayer beads that dangled from the shoulder straps for the drum. She now has taken them to be hers, and I grok this.

What I find fascinating, is that she is very gentle with them, She focuses on each bead, she wears them around her neck, she holds them, twists them, walks in patterns around the house with them all the while jibber jabbering in her own prayers. A few weekends ago my same beloved sister and friend came over and stayed the night. While she slept late into the morning, my daughter went straight for the prayer beads, and literally did circles around where my beloved one slept. All the while she remained focused. She did four laps, she repeated the movements she did on each lap, holding them up while she rounded a corner, touching the ground with them while she rounded the place where my beloved sister slept, putting them around her neck on the third corner, and on the fourth sitting down, reflecting and wrapping them around her wrist.

She was priestessing energy while my beloved sister slept restfully, peacefully, unaware of any of this while I quietly sat and felt the magical energy my 18-month-old was weaving throughout the house. She was creating safety and nesting space for her special friend. And without knowing it, my friend was sending that energy back to her in her sleep. My sister told me that she slept so well, wrapped in an energy of comfort and love.

So now we come to the most interesting part. Without fail my daughter reaches for "my beads" as she calls them whenever she is home. She takes them with her as often as she remembers to grab them. At the beginning of the week, when at her daycare and without her beads, she spiked a fever of 104 degrees. The staff there told me they hadn't seen a fever come on so fast and go so high so quickly, and that apart from the high temperature, she seemed perfectly herslf. She was still smiling and happy and had no issues at all which was hard for them to understand. She is teething and fevers are common, but a fever that high in a child is dangerous as so many things can happen and they need to be instantly given attention to bring their body temperature back down, and quickly.

I got the call, I picked her up, I took her home, I did all the mommy things I needed to do. But, the very first thing she wanted was the prayer beads. Within a fifteen minutes of her holding her beads, before medicine of any kind was given, before a cool bath was given to bring her temperature down, her fever dropped three degrees. My only explanation, if you can attempt at all to describe devine intervention or miracles, is that the magic is real. That the energy given to and taken from those beads is very real. It is not that I never believed that, it is that I never felt it be more true than when this happened. I cannot describe the tears and laughter that washed over me as I took her temperature as saw the results.

By the time I had gotten her to the doctors office, her fever had almost fully disappeared. She wore the beads all the way there, she wore them the whole time she was in the exam room even moving them slightly out of the way to make room for the stethoscope, and she wore them all the way home. When she finally slept I kept them in her room near her bed so when she woke up she would have them readily available to her. I totally felt a deeper connection with my child than I thought could be achieved apart from the time I carried her within my womb. My little priestess doing her thang.

So, the long and short of it is, that no matter what path you find yourself on, no matter what symbol or symbols bring you comfort, re-energize you or deepen your faith, they are your talismans for a reason. Yes, that energy you carry within your soul is the best one of all, but there is something to be said for carrying that penny for luck as well.

Love and Light,


Brighid said...

oh, sarah.. what a blessed gift.. to bear witness to a rising star... a little bit of the chills dance up my spine. blessed. thank you for sharing the magic with us :)


Brighid said...

oh, sarah.. what a blessed gift.. to bear witness to a rising star... a little bit of the chills dance up my spine. blessed. thank you for sharing the magic with us :)


Lyra said...


wee ones are cool.

yourn is cool and blessed.

and we all are the better for both of you.