Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My answer to Brett's Question

Spoken with eloquence by Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, who is now one of my heros. Wendy Mooney turned me onto this - thanks Wendy!

Please, take the 18 or so moments to check this out - wow.


Lisa B said...

I'm a huge Jill Bolte Taylor fan. Is it just me, or is it becoming obvious to others that so much of what's out there in cyberspace reflects a growing consciousness shift? Is it just wishful thinking, and I am just noticing because I want to? If I ask a question, will someone respond? Hello?? Houston????

Josselyne said...

I'd love to think that it is indeed as shift of consciousness... I've felt that way since Nov. 4th!

Brighid said...

it's spreading, lisa... indeed, it is. i am so grateful. i believe this shift in consciousness, as it continues to grow, is becoming the norm. if i think back to 10 years ago, i know that we were not here. it's so nice to be able to witness the progress! jill's talk was amazing. her way of explaining is exactly what the world needed to hear - in a very understandable manner!