Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weaving the Great Web

Today is a happy day for me and for countless others like me around the world. Today hope was inaugurated into the executive office of the United States government. A tremendous tide of change is surely underway, and the intentional fire circle movement is, at least for me, one feature of this “Great Turning.” It signifies a return to earth spirituality, divine feminine power, and a leap forward into the next millennial phase of human cooperative systems on our planet.

I had given up hope for the first time in my 44 years following the 2004 election, and therefore was particularly amazed that my beloved friend, Julie Woods, could still be so vibrant and full of life when the whole world was clearly going down the tubes. Somewhere along the way, it seemed evident to me, people had forgotten how to belong together. Julie lived in a different world. I felt a twinge of envy every time she talked animatedly about her "tribe" and entertained us with fire circle stories. I wanted to tap into that energy somehow, to feel anything but the dullness of my own existence. As far-out as her stories sounded to my ears, I secretly, desperately wanted to belong to a tribe like Julie. That was how I came to attend my first fire festival in May, 2005. When Brett and I arrived at the registration tent at May Fire in Nevada, we were greeted with smiles, hugs, and these prophetic words: Welcome home.

The transformative nature of the work we do at Spiritfire – through the various pathways of Music, Voice, Movement and Seva – needs to be acknowledged here, because it represents what is beginning to happen on a global scale, in what Jeannette aptly identified as the profanum, or the realm of our common lives. Whenever we as individuals weave our intentions in collaboration with the other pathways we are creating the web of community, deliberately, lovingly, and in a safe container. That power accompanies us as we re-enter our common lives and influences those around us, much the way Julie had influenced me. Each time we weave this magic in the container of the fire circle the web grows stronger and more complex. What an amazing gift we unleash in our day-to-day lives knowing what can be accomplished in harmony with our combined talents and differences! In this regard, Spiritfire provides a model by which this web can be woven in the greater community, via us, the lucky festival-goers.

The wonderful Spiritfire tribe has long since become my extended family. How can I ever fully express my gratitude to those of you who have contributed to restoring my hope and faith in humanity? As we collectively walk forward into the years of Barack Obama’s presidency I maintain hope that we will rise to the challenges we face, and I believe his words, Yes, we can.

Lisa B

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